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About The Dark Mage

In the heart of a black mountain, The Dark Mage toils over his latest work. Fingers blackened by dye and raw from carving designs in to the leather before him, he works on, muttering spells as he weaves magic in to every piece.

Actually, the workshop is in a well lit cellar somewhere in Manchester and The Dark Mage always wears gloves when he dyes. But these custom pieces are sure to add a little magic to your skates, as well as a solid heel lock.

We also have dice trays, for all you fellow tabletop entusiasts.


Ender 5 Plus: How to level your bed.

It's taken me a while to really get this figured out so I wanted to share because I see so many people with bed level issues. My bed has never been this level and I'm seeing the difference in my prints. REQUIRED: Klipper and OctoPrint.

How To Measure And Fit Your Custom Skate Straps

If you're looking to order some custom straps for your inline skates and you're unsure how to measure or fit them, you've come to the right place. In the following tutorial, I will cover how to measure your skate for strap length and then how to fit your new skate straps.

Salomon Soul Plate Mod: How to easily mod your ST boot.

I’ve just finished my second ST soul plate mod and thought I’d share some tips for an easy mod. I think I did a decent job both times and I’m happy with the outcomes. I read guides on how to do this but I found them both complicated yet not in-depth enough, so I thought I’d have a crack at doing one, which will hopefully be helpful for those at a similar skill level to me.